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So here goes… 16, January 2008

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Random.

Welcome one and all (or what’s more likely, just me) to a blog on the Arabian/Persian Gulf and various relations therein. Over the next three years I will be studying this topic in more and more depth for my PhD. At the moment I am not 100% sure as to the specific nature of the questions that I will be asking. However, I hope to use this as a diary of my thoughts to try to work out what’s what, as well as as a repository of information, articles, stories etc that I find on the subject. Also, because of the niche nature of this topic, and – more to the point – the paucity of information written on the subject, this blog will be considerably broader in nature. Should anyone stumble upon this (by mistake, obviously) and find it useful, or feel that they need to add something, feel free.


1. Brian Carrasco - 21, January 2008

David this was very interesting. I feel I must read the Stratfor analyses on international events weekly and yours is just as good. The Friedman guy who writes there was asked to rank the countries by importance militarily and by influence in an interview said there was America, then nothing, then nothing, then the rest of the world. He sees the object of the foreign policies of most would be powers as acting in concert with other nations to contain the US. The Shangai Group of which we here in Uzbekistan belong is certainly a good example of that.

2. Jo Grainger - 22, January 2008

Very informative and enlightening articals Dave and pleasurable to read. I will continue to read and keep up to speed. Particularly interested in west rift artical and forthcoming news of that nature. I am hooked!

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