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China’s foreign policy quid pro quo (cont.) 23, January 2008

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To add to my earlier article on China and its foreign policy calculations, the Chinese Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan has just been visiting Luxembourg extolling the merits of closer cooperation. In a meeting with the country’s Prime Minister, Xinhua reports that the two politicians discussed the current political and international situation and, quelle surprise, the Chinese VP thanked the the PM for Luxembourg’s “steadfast adherence to the one-China policy.”


Saudi driving ban to be lifted 23, January 2008

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It is official: the law banning women from driving in Saudi Arabia is to be lifted ‘by the end of the year,’ a government official has claimed. However, there are still issues to be resolved. Practicalities such as insurance, setting up schools for younger women to learn how to drive, not to mention the thorny question of whether women must, for safety reasons, remove the veil when driving, could still cause problems and delays in implementation.