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Cartoons from the media 27, January 2008

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Random.

These are some of the cartoons that I’ve stumbled upon from various Middle Eastern newspapers and magazines. More often than not they are from memri.org. I’ll post them as and when I find them.

They are emphatically not meant as some kind of political statement on my behalf and neither are they here to offend. They are simply what I have come across on a day to day basis and thought others might find them amusing/thought provoking/telling/meaningful etc.

America covers Israel for the Pal Slaughter

America covers for Israel’s slaughter in Gaza

Falastin, Palestinian Authority. 23/1/08

Bush approves Olmert’s list

Bush approves Olmert’s list.

Al Ghad, Jordan. 22/01/08

Israel attacks Gaza as Arabs and world are silent

Israel attacks Gaza as US and the Arab world are silent.

Tishreen, Syria. 22/01/08


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