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Al Wahhab’s Jewish origins – according to Saddam 10, April 2008

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It is well known that Saudi Arabia was born out of an agreement between the Muhammed ibn Abd Al Wahhab and Muhammed Ibn Saud in the 18th century. Ibn Saud would provide the means and protection for Al Wahhab to spread his word, and he would in turn provide religious sanctification of Saud’s rule. This particular deal is still intact today. Because of the central nature of Wahhabism to Saudi Arabia and of the central nature of Saudi Arabia to modern politics (because of its masses oil and its provision of the majority of the 9-11 hijackers if nothing else) Wahhabism has been well documented. However, some new infHormation has been found on this suggesting that the grandfather of Muhammad ibn Abd Al Wahhab was, in fact, from Jewish origin in Turkey.

Perhaps at this stage, before anyone gets angry about this, I ought to say that this new information comes from a recently translated and declassified Iraqi intelligent report from the Saddam era. Indeed, there are ‘questions’ as to the veracity of this report and, I would suggest, one need only think of Comical Ali, the former Iraqi spokesperson to get an idea of just how much truth and fiction intermingled under Saddam.

Bernard Haykel over at MESH where I found this story makes two interesting points. Firstly, that just such a spurious story would perfectly dovetail with the Iraqi’s desperate desire to vilify and denounce Wahhabis. Indeed, he goes on to suggest that this is yet more evidence that strongly supports the notion that Al Qaeda (quasi-Wahhabi in origin) had nothing whatsoever to do with the Iraqi regime, being as Saddam patently hated such groups: hence the report. Secondly, he says that this document “echoes a well-known Turkish conspiracy theory—probably fabricated by one Ayyub Sabri Pasha—which claims that the British sought to weaken the Ottoman empire by creating the Wahhabi movement.”

N.B – There are some interesting (apparantly) true conspiracy theories over at the Times.


1. Mac Luhan - 15, March 2010


2. Zainab - 16, March 2010

Founder of the Wahabi sect is of Jewish origin is no secret.

davidbroberts - 16, March 2010


3. Zainab - 17, March 2010

The origin of the House of Al-Saud itself is questionable. The standard LIE from all such puppets and donkeys installed by the Americans and Brits as super dictators over their people is that their ancestral lineage goes back to the Hashmite clan. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In reality, the ancestral lineage of the Al-Sauds goes back to the Jewish tribe of Banu Qunaiqa of 7th century Arabia.


davidbroberts - 17, March 2010

Quoting one man posting on one random Russian website is, I am sure you would agree, hardly proof. A reference like this is worth nothing.

Whilst such a connection is vaguely plausible and not beyond the realms of possibility, I can not believe that all Western scholarly work on Saudi Arabia for a century and more and whatever majority of Arab works on the topic all are all in some conspiracy to pervert the truth – Occam’s Razor. It is just too ludicrous. Moreover, for those – dare I say, such as yourself? – who clearly hate the Al Sauds, painting them as Jewish in origin is a simple way of trying to tar their reputation.

4. zainab - 17, May 2010

no david, u r misconstruing facts. It’s not just the quote of “one man.” First off, why is such a connection “vaguely plausible?” why is it not possible for Wahab to be of Jewish origin? I’m not sayin this becoz I hate him, that I surely do, but don’t believe me if u don’t want to. It is Wahab’s ideology itself that makes his origins clear. Distortion of Islam has been going on since the 9th century. Wahab was one of those who heightened the introduction of interpolations into this great and pure Faith for their own selfish reasons. All those who did this were of outsiders/opportunists, converted to Muslim for promoting self interest. The dirty political alliance between the f***** Sauds and Wahabs to play the tyrant on the people of the Arabian peninsula is also no secret. As for the Sauds, do u really believe they were great “royals” from times immemorial? Nah! read the article by Muhammad Salaam, a brilliant historian & writer, who doesn’t cover-up facts like the Arab dictators and their Western buddies. The Sauds claim that their lineage goes back to the Hashmite clan. You know what the Hashmite clan was? It was the ancestral lineage of our beloved Prophet Muhammad. And these butt-hole Saudi douchebags, only to fool the people and gain recognition, have stolen my Prophet’s family lineage. In reality they belong to the Jewish tribe of Banu Qunaiqa. And now the douchebags name that entire peninsula after their family name as if they possess that entire place. I spit on these morally reprehensible buggers.

5. zainab - 17, May 2010

6. John - 16, November 2010

Good Work Zainab, I have researched a lot about these facts at azher, they aer true. Abdal-Wahab Najdi is from Banu Qunaiqa tribe, a Jewish Arab tribe. There is nothing wrong with Banu Qunaiqa, it is Wahab najdi who was teh bastard.

7. Jason - 4, February 2011

I completely agree with zainab. We are not in a courtroom before a judge to support our belief with clear evidence. We are talking about a historical topic which is well rooted in today’s politics. No matter which Jewish tribe these people are from, BANI QAINAQA or BANI QURAIZEH, the point is they have well served American hardliners and their Jewish allies in the State of Israel. that’s enough evidence to cast doubt on their origin.

8. anne melior - 26, February 2011

Did you know that Habib Bourguiba of tunisai was a crypto jew, that Gadaffi is a jew, the saud family are crypto jews. Ahmadinajjad aka saborian is a crypto jew too. The algerian army generals are crypto jews and syria’ bashar al assad is a crypto jew too and due to fall soon.

thegulfblog.com - 27, February 2011


9. Abu Youssed AlDjazairi - 29, April 2013

I hate the saudi family, i don’t care if they are jews or not, the fact is they 100% served their masters the british and the americans. They empovrished the population, they stole all the wealth all the wealth of the country and spent it abroad with no investment whatsoever in the country, they created a police state where none is allowed to express his/her views, the list is just bloody long …….

10. twitter.com - 21, September 2014

Awesome post.

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