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Scraping the barrel of man’s humanity 30, September 2008

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Middle East.
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The levels to which those who send out suicide bombers will go never ceases to amaze. The Times of London was one newspaper that covered the British Security Service MI5 and their worry that mentally ill people might be being ‘groomed’ as a new wave of terror attacks in the UK. Indeed, such a worry is more than founded in reality considering the utterly despicable example of a suicide bombing in February where two women believed to have Down’s syndrome were cajoled into delivering a bomb which killed almost 100 people.

Today, Deborah Haynes, The Times’ excellent correspondent in Iraq interviewed a young Iraqi girl who appears to have been drugged into acting as a suicide bomber. This video captures the pitiful sight of the girl after she refused to detonate the bomb and emphasizes the utterly, truly and profoundly bestial nature of the abhorrent people who drug, persuade and force people to commit such acts. To be honest, words simply fail to come remotely close to describing such pungently vile people who exemplify man’s unfailing ability to plumb the very depths of depravity.


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