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Mauritania cuts Israeli ties 9, March 2009

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Haaretz confirms what has been on the cards for some time now: Mauritania are severing diplomatic ties with Israel. At the end of last week, the Israeli embassy in the capital Nouakchott, closed the embassy and returned to Tel Aviv. This followed the withdrawal of the Mauritanian ambassador to Israel last month. The break in relations is due to the Israeli invasion of Gaza. This leaves Jordan and Egypt as the only countries in the region to retain official diplomatic ties with Israel. Qatar, who had an Israeli trade office stationed in Doha until recently, severed their ties last month in the wake of the Gaza conflict too. Whilst the loss of diplomatic relations with Mauritania will not have any immediate practical ramifications for Israel, this further loss of ‘friends’ and soft power in a region where they are already bereft of both, can only increase their sense of isolation and count as a firm step back in the peace process.

Cairo, a Divided City 9, March 2009

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Hat tip: the Arabist