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Hitchens’ Waterboarding 28, April 2009

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Here’s the video of journalist Christopher Hitchens being subjected to waterboarding. It is such a curious thing as it looks so harmless, yet so obviously isn’t. Where does it fit, however, in the grander scheme of torture? Torture in some of the Middle East’s prisons would be, I imagine, more like the torture that one imagines: blood, wailing and gnashing of teeth etc. The video of Sheikh Issa torturing the Afghan trader that I discussed recently is a case in point. Obviously that ordeal was far longer and more imaginative and certainly looks worse, but as I don’t suppose Hitchens would volunteer for a ‘compare and contrast’ experiment, we’ll never know.


1. Rove ‘proud’ of US waterboarding policy « The Gulf blog - 12, March 2010

[…] ever decreasing minority, holding that opinion. The journalist Christopher Hitchens, for example, underwent waterboarding in the name of research and unequivocally insists that it is indeed […]

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