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Iranian women v the Basij 23, June 2009

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Iran.
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iranian woman and basiij

Iranian quasi-secret police, the Basij, beat a man with truncheons, whilst Iranian women come to his defense.

Whether Iran’s election was fair or not, having apes like these Basij beating people on the streets is a disgraceful sign of the authorities in Iran.

Hat tip: MEI blog


1. Kate Zeiss - 23, June 2009

Those are some brave, fierce women and some cowardly, idiot men w/ clubs beating an unarmed person. The pictures are the record and will last for a very long time. May you be safe and thank you for helping us understand.

2. Houshang - 25, July 2009

This is the least you see in this picture…The main part of the senario is happening in their jails…when these apes rape, torture and kill the innoncent old & youth…God help us & mother Iran!

3. JoneyJones - 6, January 2010

One of the most powerful and moving photos I have ever seen.

I hope Iran will soon become free.

4. iranie azari - 3, March 2010

i can not believe on you ! basij was just punished those who were in front of our law . so you think the police man that arrest a thief is cruel becouse he has gun! you can see such these photos in all over the world specially in western countries. those who declare that they are the creaters of law! and if any body does not like their law he is terrorist!

davidbroberts - 4, March 2010

The man on the ground is a thief? How do you know that? Where is his gun? Do people usually flock to protect a thief? Even if he is a thief, is it right that a modern country sanctions its police force to beat such a man to the floor with truncheons? Are you happy that your government does that? No arrest? No questions? No judge? No lawyer? No say? Just beating?

Incidents like this do occasionally happen in the West. Subsequently, however, there is a huge domestic out-cry. The press (as in newspapers that write what they want) usually tear into the police and the government.

5. multivers - 3, April 2011

The main part of the senario is happening in their jails…when these apes rape, torture and kill the innoncent old & youth…God help us & mother Iran!

6. Jon - 24, December 2011

You jokers …. The whole concept of the basij is fantastic and the desearning readers will be able to see through your attempts to divide this nation and other great nations as this is your ultimate goal. I love Iran yet I’m not Iranian … I love justice… And I believe Iran as a country aim for justice unlike the deceiving snakes of the west who spread injustice throughout the world… How about do1 you idiots….. May justice prevail !!!

7. dee - 15, January 2012

Yes there is injustice throughout the world and the west are in no way above actions like these but this does not mean that we should condone them. We should answer to humanitarian need, caring for each other with compassion instead of taking it upon ourselves to judge moral right and wrong. The law is just the socially accepted norm, it is not god, it is not intrinsically right. I believe that beating an unarmed man is unjust, he is clearly outnumbered and would have no way of defending himself or even attempting to escape the basij. I feel that instead of using government or religious organizations to tell us what is right and wrong we should look at the human and decide for ourselves, caring for them as we would our mother, father or children. People do terrible things and make mistakes but there will always be a reason for these actions…it does not matter what drives us to do these things; what does matter is that we are all human, we have emotions and the ability to care for each other.

8. Blake - 17, February 2012

No, I do not condone this sort of behaviour at all – this is assault, that is and if not, should be against the law, everyone should have the right and knowledge of feeling safe knowing that they are not going to be attacked or jumped from behind. And if justice does need to be served in anyway, there are much more civil and humane ways of doing so – and that means by the public keeping their words and physical actions to themselves and letting it go the right way.

9. Anonymous - 28, May 2012

Westerners cant blame iran.They are the real hypocrites who attack the whole world and kills people and claim it as good deed.What ever iraninan government do is less compared to western imperialism.Raping and torture in jail is things of americans and its western allies its not in any muslim country

thegulfblog.com - 29, May 2012

Just to pick one of the absurd points, there is no torture in any jail in any Muslim country? I think you’re in a minority of one there.

10. Anonymous - 5, October 2012

bunch street thugs can not run a country for a long time,results are devastating economy and abuse of human rights.

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