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Saudis No.1 in internet censorship 1, July 2009

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…as if such a statement need be made.

See the somewhat predictable report in the Guardian including such groundbreaking facts as:

– Sites are blocked because they are immoral (pornographic) or for security concerns (you don’t say…)

– Saudi has the second highest number of bloggers in the Middle East (hardly surprising considering its population size)

GCC missile defence? 1, July 2009

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It appears that America is seeking to link the GCC countries together in a joint missile defense system. Currently, the US has bilateral defence relations with all the states in the GCC, yet explicitly linking them in this way would be a new step. The article in The National continues to state that the US believes that there is something of a risk of “low-flying cruise missiles fired from close range.” Just what can they be thinking of?

The timing of such a statement is, of course, no surprise. Whilst such a notion may well appeal to the smaller, threatened GCC states, the technical difficulties of such a programme are surely substantial. However, just assembling the GCC states and perhaps coercing or persuading them to entertain and sign up to such a bargain would be a political coup for America and another clear sign of regional balancing against a potentially bellicose and dangerous Iran.

Terrorist FC 1, July 2009

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a villa

There have been reports recently of a Taleban fighter being found dead with an Aston Villa Football Club tattoo, much to the delight, no doubt, of Birmingham City fans. Jihadica.com, the gold-mine that is the wonderful and knowledgeable blog covering online jihadiness, further comments that Bin Laden himself was believed by some to be an Arsenal fan after a (joke of a ) book thus claimed.