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Cometh the end of Western civilization 18, September 2009

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…or it certainly will if this idiot wins his court case. Apparently, some confused, presumably simple and certainly socially awkward fellow with a Jesus complex from Wales is thinking about suing his former employers for discrimination because they wanted him to remove his hood which he maintained he simply had to wear as mandated by his religion – Jediism. As in a Jedi. As in Star Wars. I fervently hope that the Judge in this case, if it goes to court, pronounces that this genius be taken from the court room and given a through kicking.

SOAS Political Islam Course 18, September 2009

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Every so often London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) hosts a peach of a conference. Some time ago, Shia Mullahs were prancing around Russell Square with bodyguards in tow and the likes of the Daily Mail went to town on ‘normalizing relations’ (or something) with ‘terrorists’ or, if they were feeling generous, ‘terrorist supporters’.

It looks as if there’s another good’un coming up. SOAS is running a course on Political Islam (for which they’re charging a small fortune) with a number of top-class participants. The first one they mention will get the bile readily flowing in the writers at the Daily Hate and their ilk:

Sheikh Abdualla Anas

Sheikh Anas fought the Soviets in Afghanistan with the ‘Mujhideen’. Founder of the ‘Office of Services’, the ‘forerunner of Al-Qaeda’, he knew Bin Laden well. After the fall of Kabul he returned to Algeria and joined the Islamic Salvation Front. He published his memoirs in 2002 in London where he is now based.

Quite an opener. I intend to sit back and watch the vitriol fly…