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Nuclear Iran ‘can’t destroy Israel’ 21, September 2009

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Nucelar explosion

Rather problematically for right-wing Israelis, Ehud Barak the Israeli Defense Minister, has said that even a nuclear armed Iran is not an existential threat to Israel. Needless to say, this takes away a sizable chunk of the right winger’s argument of the need for a preemptive strike on Iran.

Global Debt Comparison Data 21, September 2009

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economics debt calc

This is a still photo taken from the Economist’s interactive global debt comparison data. It’s a swish and informative little tool that clearly shows just how screwed your country is [the author writes bitterly from the UK…].

The Yemen debacle spills over 21, September 2009

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bum bomber

(Abdullah Asiri: the bum bomber [what an ignominious failure…])

You will not find a better or more knowledgeable article tying together the recent assassination attempt in Saudi Arabia (the bum bomb) and the mess currently unfurling in Yemen than the one in the National by Kristian Ulrichsen. Academic journalism at its best.