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Kuwait regresses 28, September 2009

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Kuwait.
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There are two very interesting articles in the Kuwait Times that confirms what I wrote some time ago that – as far as I see it – Kuwait does not really want any foreign say/money/advice/expertise/investment in their economy or society. Kuwait has fallen five places in Transparency International’s corruption index to 65th (tied with Cuba!!) and in the ‘doing business in…’ ratings it also fell to 61, falling 9 places. At the moment they don’t need too much foreign expertise as a whole, as they have enough money to live on. However, that time – when they can blithely carry on heedless of the future – is coming to an end in the near future and then they will be in a much weaker position. It is not good strategic thinking.

Hat tip: Victoria’s blog.


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