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Saudi pilot’s unlucky day 30, September 2009

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Saudi Arabia.
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Apparently, much like Kuwait Airways, Saudi Arabia’s national carrier is appalling. However, Saudi Jeans has a nice story to warm the cockles of hearts that have suffered at their hands. According to Arab News a pilot was one hour late to fly the place keeping the plane and passengers on the tarmac. However, unfortunately for him, the Director General of Saudi Airlines was one of the passengers delayed. No one knows of what happened to the pilot after so manifestly not doing his job in front of his boss. Inshallah, he was fired, but who knows.


1. housky - 21, March 2010

قصة ملفقه وغير صحيحة الطيار كان قادم من رحلة دولية ولم يكن قانونيا لقيادة رحلة الرياض جده وطلبوا طيار من جده قادم راكب (DHD) على متن رحلة السعودية المستأجره وحصل لها عطل فني اثناء الاقلاع من جده هذي القصة غير صحية بعدين وش الطياره على مدرج المطار من غير طيار وش ها الخير المضروب

davidbroberts - 21, March 2010

ربما… لا أدري

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