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Bahrain-Israeli relations 1, October 2009

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MEMRI reports that the Bahraini foreign minister is calling for direct negotiations with Israel. It remains to be seen, however, exactly how their domestic, largely Shia, largely Iran supporting and largely angry audience will take this announcement. In Qatar, where their Foreign Minister frequently openly seeks better relations with Israel, their population is far less divided, far less angry and far more monetarily rewarded than in Bahrain, giving him a certain amount of leeway to say such things.

Iran interactive nuclear site map 1, October 2009

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Iran Qom map

The New York Times has an excellent interactive map of Iran’s newly announced second and secret nuclear reactor in Qom. The map must surely terrorize the powers that be in Tehran. Click next and the map zooms in more and more and more, pointing out their defenses and various other top secret bits and pieces. Excellent stuff.