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Qatar’s population explosion 17, October 2009

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Qatar.
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These clips are taken from the Qatar Statistical Authority and show the growth in Qatar’s population in recent years. I realize that the clips below are too small to really show the difference so go to the website and play their little sideshow. It grows more or less slowly but surely from 1986 onwards until 2004 when the population explodes.


1. gladiator - 18, October 2009

There should be a social impact analysis besides this growing explosion, since it is well noticed the significant unbalanced population.
What is the pros and cons on this growing?

2. brittany - 1, November 2009

well u knwo what i totally agree with u becuz its totally confusing to look it up and besides the Qatari government should look at this stuff too. socially, the impact remains unamnswered……when will there be an answer!!!

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[…] that with the growth levels that Qatar has witnessed in the last decade or so has come a staggering influx of foreigners. Qataris are now a vast minority in their own land. Foreign cultural accoutrement, be […]

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