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Future Chinese-US conflict over Middle East? 31, October 2009

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Usually I find myself firmly on the more passive side of are China evil/viciously expanding their Navy/a mortal threat to the future of America. I firmly believe that China are simply expanding their Navy – if and when they do – in the remit of their own state interests and not as some hegemonic power-play. I don’t see some inevitable clash of civilizations or of powers or of pretenders.

However, when China’s former Special Envoy to the Middle East, fluent in Arabic and a former Ambassador to Saudi, Iraq and Iran, says that he sees an American-Chinese conflict as inevitable, then it would seem prudent to take note.

Obama’s new Middle East policy is only a strategic change. Yet America’s global goals and hegemonic complex cannot change. America always tries to hold the world’s main oil ‘switch’. There is thus competition and cooperation between China and America. In particular, America views China as a strategic competitor. And bilateral discord and clashes are unavoidable. China must not drop its guard in the Middle East over its oil interests and security.

Having duly taken note, I now ignore his advice and still firmly believe that there will be no such conflict. It will take light years before China can compete militarily with America in any meaningfully way, shape or form. True, smaller perhaps proxy conflicts are possible, but these are far from the order of magnitude that usually referred to with this kind of topic. Here’s hoping that I’m right.

Tackiest houses on earth coming soon to Abu Dhabi 31, October 2009

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ferrari world

Soon you’ll be able to live in a vastly chintzy, red, carbon-fiber, puerile and gargantuanly expensive teenager’s wet dream of a house in Abu Dhabi if the mooted notion of a Ferrari sponsored or themed housing development goes ahead. Only those with no idea whatsoever of excess or individuality; with no earthly comprehension of the notion of ‘tack’ and those who are so cravenly driven by materialism and a deep, wet and desperate desire to show off their monstrously sized egos and monstrously small-sized comprehension of the world culture, with a petulant and perverse urge to live at 1 Enzo Place need apply.

Pro-Palestinians on the Daily Show: the horror! 31, October 2009

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Here are two clips of John Stewart’s The Daily Show hosting pro-Palestinian Ann Baltzer and Dr. Mustafa Barghouti. In the mostly innocuous interview a heckler – the only one in the Daily Show’s 11 year history – interrupted to shout ‘liar’ when Barghouti said that the Palestinians were suffering under the longest occupation in modern history. The show has apparently caused something of a storm of criticism in the US, as if the pro-Israeli half of the debate doesn’t get enough air time…


[Sorry – the link’ll have to do, i can’t seem to embed the videos themselves]

CNN’s Arabic/English logo 31, October 2009

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cnn arabic

The Mideasti blog points to CNN’s innovative combination of Arabic and English in their logo for their Arabic language content. Perhaps it’s just me not really being able to focus on the ‘arabic’ letters in the CNN acronym to work out what they’re trying to say overall without first being told what it is spelling: it is Al Arabiya. Nevertheless, now that I know it does make sense. Hat’s off the guy (or gal) that came up with that.

F1 team Williams set up in Qatar technology park 31, October 2009

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Qatar Science and Technology Park has another world-class company availing itself of its state of the art facilities to undertake cutting edge research. Williams Formula One team have set up there to attempt to bring F1 technology to mainstream mass-transit systems. Frank Williams, the owner and director of Williams, gave the example of the KERS system that takes some of the energy from braking in F1 cars and transmits it into extra power ready to be deployed at the touch of a button. There will also be a particular focus on environmentally beneficial technologies, according to Al Arabiyya news. Whilst no accurate figures for the investment and the overall cost of the project were given, it is though that it will be somewhere in the region of $50 million.



Qatar-Iran relations 31, October 2009

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…will be strengthened by the founding of a Qatari-Iranian shipping line between Bushehr and Doha.