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Pro-Palestinians on the Daily Show: the horror! 31, October 2009

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.
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Here are two clips of John Stewart’s The Daily Show hosting pro-Palestinian Ann Baltzer and Dr. Mustafa Barghouti. In the mostly innocuous interview a heckler – the only one in the Daily Show’s 11 year history – interrupted to shout ‘liar’ when Barghouti said that the Palestinians were suffering under the longest occupation in modern history. The show has apparently caused something of a storm of criticism in the US, as if the pro-Israeli half of the debate doesn’t get enough air time…


[Sorry – the link’ll have to do, i can’t seem to embed the videos themselves]


1. Anonymous - 8, January 2010

I am extremely sick of this conflict.
Obama must make a change – if nothing happens, this will continue on until Israel has complete control of the Palestinians.
I am deffinately not Pro-Israel or Pro-Palestine.
I would just like to see this conflict resolved in my lifetime.

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