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Tackiest houses on earth coming soon to Abu Dhabi 31, October 2009

Posted by thegulfblog.com in The Emirates.
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Soon you’ll be able to live in a vastly chintzy, red, carbon-fiber, puerile and gargantuanly expensive teenager’s wet dream of a house in Abu Dhabi if the mooted notion of a Ferrari sponsored or themed housing development goes ahead. Only those with no idea whatsoever of excess or individuality; with no earthly comprehension of the notion of ‘tack’ and those who are so cravenly driven by materialism and a deep, wet and desperate desire to show off their monstrously sized egos and monstrously small-sized comprehension of the world culture, with a petulant and perverse urge to live at 1 Enzo Place need apply.


1. zaydoun - 1, November 2009

If this isn’t a sign of the apocalypse, I don’t know what is!

2. abdalla - 2, November 2009

i suggest you research more before publishing stupid blogs like these. this is a ferrari theme park not a “red, carbon-fiber, puerile and gargantuanly (which is not a word) expensive teenager’s wet dream of a house!”

3. davidbroberts - 2, November 2009

Touchy are we? Struck a nerve? Go on, admit that you want one of these revolting houses. I bet you own belt buckles with flashing lights on them.

Indeed this is a picture of the Ferrari theme park. I assumed that people with half a functioning brain would be able to work out that this is not a housing complex. To those blessed with a modicum of intelligence, it would appear to be a rather easy to reach conclusion.

As for the word ‘gargantuanly’ do you understand what it means? Is it not obvious to those with a reasonable grasp of the English language that it is derived from gargantuan and its meaning is utterly clear and precise? If you insist on being so totally, insufferably, miserly and pedantically dogmatic I must draw your attention to your poor use of English grammar: sentences and names must start with a capital letter.

I suggest you learn the basics of the English language better before commenting on excellent blogs like these.

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