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UK economy overtaken by Italy’s 7, November 2009

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…so head for the hills. It’s clearly all over. Lights out, close up, enough. If corruption ridden, Mafia riddled and 4 hour lunch break taking Italy can overtake the UK’s economy, then indisputably the UK is finished. Oh the ignominy, the pity, the utter humiliation and the precipitous and vituperative rage and anger that I feel towards Brown for leading us to this lowest ebb. So scandalously and thoroughly screwed must Britain be if Italy has overtaken it that Brown is either so outlandishly and stupendously inept that someone ought to call Guinness, or all along he’s been on a secret mission from Jock McScotland to shaft the UK in a giddy haze of envious and suicidal apocalypse.


1. ynotoman - 8, November 2009

Italy was comparable to the UK several years ago – exchange rate fluctuations lifted one and dropped the other then and now; but still – what the current government has managed to allow with lack of Prudence in the economy and lack of reality for society is astounding

2. Michelangelo Crollalanza - 23, November 2009

Britain has been knocked off her imaginary pedestal. It’s a cinch, considering that UK is poor of industry, reaserch, innovation. UK economy is only a failed gambling-house.

davidbroberts - 23, November 2009

It is ridiculous to say that the UK has poor research and innovation. Its Universities are – still, amazingly – unquestionably some of the best in the world. Indeed, it is doubly ridiculous to say this in comparison to Italy where Universities are notoriously poor, underfunded, ridden with nepotism and utterly failing a country with such a rich cultural/educational tradition.

3. Micky Florio Crollalanza - 24, November 2009

Haughtiness, deadly BRIT sin… Have you ever asked yourselves why you can almost exclusively find anglo-Saxons university in top 25 ranking’s places? USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, CANADA and so on…
Have you ever tried to reason beyond your usual mind and cultural boundaries?

davidbroberts - 24, November 2009

Thanks for your thoughts.

You’re absolutely right that haughtiness can be an unfortunately British sin. In this case though, I’m not too worried.

For sure there may well be some kind of methodological issues that imbue surveys like these with biases (any suggestions?). That could be true but overall I think the results are about right. What institutions are missing or should be higher? Certainly no Universities from Africa, the Arab World or South America – that’s no doubt harsh, dismissive but fair (name one…). There are some well placed Asian Universities and whilst in time I’ve no doubt they’ll shoot up the tables, at the moment, from what I know speaking regularly to students and Professors from these places, they are placed fairly well at the moment. Ought German or French or Italian Universities be higher? Possibly, but I really don’t think so. I’ve heard first hand from numerous people that the University systems in these countries (whilst they have an undoubted perigee) are simply, at the moment, in something of a mess. Funding and tenure issues, appear to be two of the key issues afflicting these countries, from what I’ve heard.

But, if you’ve got some evidence or some specific points, do raise them: which Universities should be higher and why?

In any case, I was just rebutting the notion that the UK has ‘poor research’: it just flatly doesn’t. This isn’t to say that it is especially wonderful or that there are not issues with British Universities, but that the original point was simply fatuous and wrong.

4. WhatisYourPoint - 27, November 2009

What amaze me is this anglo pride which make them claim”a shame for the surpass of Italy”.
despite what your newspapers always reported over Italy usually overstressing the terms like”Mafia,corruption,scandals”,you had only a financial economy tied Up with Usa while our industries have been modernized with innovation,know-how,in every matter of life being known all over the world as “made in Italy” which is a safety guarantee.
Not to mention that Italy has been behind England only for a century and not for cultural and scientific achiviements but only economically,and not so behind you as you have been in the time of romans compared to Italy.

davidbroberts - 30, November 2009

Indeed the UK papers might well over-emphasize Italy’s mafia/corruption etc issues. However, I don’t think so. I don’t get my information from The Sun but instead from students, researchers and lecturers who are either Italian, have lived there for a significantly long period of time or who actually study the country. Their conclusions are usually fairly damming. Also if i could refer you to the Corruption Perception Index which has Italy down in a laughable 63rd position (ignominiously behind Cuba…) and remind you that if Italy wanted to join the EU today they would not be allowed as Berlusconi controls far, far, far too broad a swathe of Italy’s media, I feel that my point of view is anchored rather strongly in evidence.

As for the surprise and mock shame that I express on Italy’s economy overtaking the UK’s economy, you answered you own rather curious question: Italy has been behind the UK for a century. Hence, the surprise.

5. Paolo Di Capua - 1, April 2010

a pure-bred italian man over here of the age of 22.
I know italy and i know their (our) ways.. despite the magnified view of a wrong looker from Britain we did NOT, in fact, surpass you Brits.
Perhaps in a handful of fields, yes, we might have overtaken the rather expectable British lack of nonchalantness with certain areas of creative producing, such as clothing, wine, good food so and so forth.
The simple and factual data, however, remains quite OPPOSITE of your claims.
Italy’s corruption index and self-made jerry-riggery levels for work, public expenditure and social welfare are more than dim to be exactly optimistic.
Everything here is run on mafia-interacted-welloiled-macrofueling-microstomping-selfassured LIES and WRONGDOING.
I certainly expect you British to be wiser than this. Sure you complain loads more than the human standard, but you also have pride and a good sense for the RIGHT THINGS, which we lack.
so therefore do me and yourselves a favor, get up and chin up. Live out your pride and be of no more discomfort as there is no reason for it.
Italian Friend

davidbroberts - 2, April 2010

Paolo – thanks for your comments, they’re much appreciated.

6. Paolo Di Capua - 2, April 2010

No sweat, Dave.
To be honest, in was in fact a bit surprised to see a blog dealing with an issue I was thinkin’ about but actually showing the opposite-world side of things. Kinda made me giggle, to be entirely fair. hehe

Anyhow, thank you for understanding my point and if you want I can give you plenty of details as to further fill you in on this matter.

I’ve lived in Dorset, UK for almost 8 months in 2008 and boy.. I will tell ya.. your country has some SICK organizational skills. That’s why I decided to post back on your comments. Simply because it just pained me to see that a Briton is sad about his own country’s alleged position.

You wanna come to Italy, work here under normal (if you want to call it that) employment and see for yourself just exactly how much trash and jerry-mandering this country is entrenched in and YOU will be the one encouraging your own Brit pride in no time. HA!

So anyway, don’t worry and be of good cheer. 😉
p.s.: As soon as I get this other year’s worth of work experience I’m going back to the UK or Ireland for good my friend, so…. hehehe, go figure.

ONE MORE INTERESTING FACT FOR YOU: In Italy we have this thing called: “La fuga dei cervelli” Literally translated as: “The flight of the Brains” It’s simplistically explained in this very easy centence: People who have enough brain power and workforce abilities FLEE Italy for lack of opportunity: this also applying to (AS PER YOUR QUOTE: lack of innovation in the UK) scientists with no funds (there’s literally NO Government-supported fund for innovation as of now here, at least not an official one), really smart people with work experience, highly bright students literally running away from the universities the day after they graduate, and I could just about go on forever.

So, please, my good friend Dave… don’t mind it.
If you want you can add me as your Skype contact, if you have it.
it’s paolo.dicapua1
ciao e buona giornata
p.s.2 – you’re invited to Italy anytime you want

davidbroberts - 2, April 2010

Once again, thanks for taking the time.

I must admit that the reason for my wholly over-the-top little article is that I find the notion of Italy outperforming the UK to be frankly unbelievable given what a shambolic country Italy is in many ways. I’ve spoken to many people about Italy’s higher education, for example, and it sounds like an unmitigated disaster. And the fact that many Italians keep on voting for Berlusconi…well…[musn’t get started…]

Thanks for your invite to Italy, though I need no encouragement to visit such a culturally and gastronomically delightful place! Alas I doubt I’ll be visiting in the short term, but should I do, I’ll drop you a line.


7. Paolo Di Capua - 3, April 2010

Hahaha…. I knew I’d have you see my point.

And as for the things you said (or better yet were reminded of) I couldn’t agree with you more. But the fuel that continually reignites the interest of Italians in Mr. Berlusconi is, of course as you may have imagined, the web of interacted forces that he is overseer and creator of: powerful entrepreneurs, political interests in the media, the altogether absurdity of his uprising in to power (supported even by our former superpowerful prime minister Bettino Craxi) and here too, I could just about go on forever.

With regards to your ever possible visit to Italy, I live in Rome, very close to the Colosseum so if you do happen to swing by remember that.

Where do you live? How old are you? What do you do for a living?

Ciao e buona giornata
Your italian friend

davidbroberts - 3, April 2010

This should explain something https://thegulfblog.com/about/

As they say, if I’m ever in Rome…!

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