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Nearly 30,000 hits… 9, November 2009

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Some exceedingly discerning, voraciously intelligent and (most likely) sparklingly witty person is likely to bestow on this fair little blog the honor, pleasure and prestige of giving it its 30,000th hit in the next few hours. Now, it’s essentially midday GMT (9th November) so I’d guess that if you’re reading this with the next 12-18 hours, you’ve got a good shot at being lucky 30,000. (Just think of the stories you could tell your grandkids…).

The counter is down on the right hand side and if you are the fortunate one and you send me cast-iron proof including pictures, time-stamps and signed affidavits of the fact you’ll receive a wonderful prize…let’s have a rummage…so far…it’s a slightly mashed-up Kit-Kat. Still, it’s [debatably] better than nothing.

Thanks for reading, for your patronage and for your comments. All are much appreciated. Keep them coming.




So the total has been surpassed. Was it as good for you as it was for me? I wait with reasonably bated breath for the proof from the lucky winner: someone mooching around my blog at 18.00 GMT. The Kit-Kat awaits…


1. J - 9, November 2009

Darn, just missed the 30k mark. I guess that’s what I get for pursuing intellectual endeavors. I really wanted that kit-kat… congrats.

2. Elizabeth - 9, November 2009

oh! I can’t believe I’m not it. I’ve been reading the blog for so long, I really deserved this kit kat.

Mazel tov, anyway!

3. Ruiying - 13, November 2009

Dave, your stuff is so funny to read! Why didn’t I come here earlier—-that’s right, I remember– the topics are a bit off shoes, baby, food ect!

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