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Food security article 11, November 2009

Posted by thegulfblog.com in The Gulf.
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My article ‘Answering the Food Security Colonial┬áConundrum?” was published in the Daily News Egypt. Do go have a read.


1. observing iran - 11, November 2009

Like your blog, have some in-depth analysis. Keep up the great work.

But shouldn’t your blog be called the Persian Gulf blog?


davidbroberts - 11, November 2009

Thanks for your kind words.

As for should it be the Persian Gulf blog, well…personally, I thought that thegulfblog.com had more of a ring to it; thepersiangulfblog.com being a bit wordy. More generally, I’ll diplomatically draw this prickly little question to a close by saying that most scholars, historians, political scientists and international lawyers are all perfectly aware of the true name of the body of water separating the Arab and Persian peoples. It is not, to my mind, that much of a debate.

If you find any interesting bits or pieces on Iran & Qatar, do shove them my way if you get the chance.


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