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A Palin-Beck ticket? 21, November 2009

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It gives me no pleasure to recount this potential news, heralding as it would if it ever came to fruition the end of civilization as we know it. Yet Sarah Palin, the great thinker of the Republican Party, has countenanced the notion of running on a ticket with Glenn Beck, the Fox news…erm…personality.

I realize that this is, in many ways, a non-news story. The odds of this ticket taking off are exceedingly small and the odds of its success are practically infinitesimal. Just take it, therefore, as a cautionary tale: yes, things might be bad now, but be careful what you wish for…

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1. Real Prick - 21, November 2009

Never under estimate the power of stupid people in large numbers. The only reason those two Terorist (which is what they are) wont run for President is because they make more money hate mongering and undermining confidence in America.

2. The Found Imam - 21, November 2009

Don’t underestimate the likelihood of Palin choosing Beck, or a similar alarm ringing conservative talk show host who has taken up the mantle of conservatism more forcefully and effectively than any republican politician today. Palin’s entire persona is based off the unexpected. (Hence “Going Rogue,” maverick, etc). It’s an effective way, in American at least, for a clearly unqualified, unintelligent (though she’s shrewd) politician to explain her M.O. Though those of us with a 100+ IQ may laugh at her folksy speech and jaw-droppingly moronic understanding of domestic and foreign concerns, she is wildly popular and her homegrown politics just work. Her idiocy is mistranslated by her legions of supporters as superior, anti-establishment politics and she will continue defying conventional wisdom in the name of “shakin’ things up in Washington.” If she takes the nomination, would you expect her to choose any “normal” politician as her VP? Unlike McCain, whose perceived moderation angered the Republican base (and led to the selection of the Caribou Barbie herself), Palin has already began conducting a fiery Conservative train out of hell whose last stop is the Presidential election of 2012.

3. Palin for Miss Universe - 21, November 2009

I think you have misunderestimated the comic relief that such a presidential ticket could provide the world. We thought we were getting an off-the-cuff off VP with Joe Biden, but despite a few mild gaffes, he has yet to deliver much in the way of entertainment. After 4 (or 8 years) of grammatically correct, intellectual, and cogent speeches from Sayyid Barack Hussein Obama, America will crave a telegenic duo that is willing to call it like it is, speak from the gut, and be legitimate deciders (how long has the BHO WH spent in so-called ‘internal debate’ aka wishy-washin’ regarding Afghanistan?). Furthermore, it is clear that such a ticket would use someone like Lou Dobbs for Press Secretary. Now that would guarantee some rabble rousin’ and would truly be shakin’ things up in Washington, and it wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

4. Wayne - 30, November 2009

Ron Paul / Sarah Palin is more likely, maybe reversed. Glenn Beck fits into the picture as well, but the “purist” is what’s needed right now in America. No one but Ron Paul has been so consistent in his views, objectives and convictions. He stands for truth and the “facts”, and Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, etc, can all get their long term political “teething” done under his tutelage and mentorship. We have no more time for political experiments or “lesser of two evils” stupidity when it comes to leaders. So, anyone who has a political leaning needs to be talking about truth and real solutions. Ron Paul and Sarah Palin would be a winning team. Glenn Beck would make good press secretary, to handle the dorks in the media everyday.

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