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Abu Dhabi bails out Dubai…again 25, November 2009

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Two Abu Dhabi banks have lent some $5 billion to Dubai which is by all accounts still struggling massively since its credit-crunch collapse. For this ‘investment’ Abu Dhabi have demands both large and small. For example, Abu Dhabi sought and gained a huge stake in Dubai’s flagship airline Emirates and also changed a bill-board in a prominent place in Dubai from a picture of Dubai’s ruler to a pointedly different message proclaiming ‘Long live our Emirates Union’ with a picture of UAE President Shiekh Khalifah bin Zayed Al Nayhan, just to rub it in.


US Navy leads the way with new Zumwalt Class 25, November 2009

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Aside from having a rather nifty name, it appears as if the US Navy’s newest generation of boats ships will be rather uesful. Indeed, at a cost of some $3.3 billion each along with $4 billion in lifetime running costs for of each Zumwalt Class Destroyer, this is probably just as well. For a more detailed (i.e. a remotely useful article…) looking at the new Zumwalt class ships, go to the ever-useful and interesting ISN website.

Picture: Defense Industry Daily