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The Dubai kicking continues 4, December 2009

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The Guardian continues the Western media’s schadenfreude-imbued coverage of Dubai’s debacle today with a nice piece on the absurd construction plans that Dubai had in its make-believe pipeline. As so many people have said: ‘even though ‘I’ don’t know that much about economics, ‘I’ still knew that this level of delusional planning and aspiration would, at some stage, fall flat on its face’. Personally, I count myself among the now smug, after-the-fact-experts claiming that Dubai’s failure was but a matter of time. The only person, I think, that can really claim to have seen it coming is my supervisor in Durham, Dr. Christopher Davidson in his recent book on Dubai. Mabrouk, as they say.

A Small Gallery of Folly

A constantly shifting tower block. Nice idea, would be beautiful, but, come on, let’s be serious. Dubai ridiculous rating (DRR): 9/10

An underwater hotel. Please. DRR: 10/10

A ghastly Trump-built tower. Ugly. DRR: 3/10

A 1km tall tower. Compensating for something are we? DRR: 8/10