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Saudi scholars slam Swiss minaret decision 6, December 2009

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Saudi Arabia.
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Indeed, as I’ve said, it’s not a smart or even that nice, educated or rational a decision, but still, Saudi scholars slamming someone else (ANYone else) for a lack of tolerance? Please.

Go here to see a very rude but rather funny encapsulation of this little situation.


1. Victoria - 6, December 2009

a big step on the saudi side would be to allow for religious pluralism in their country, perhaps that would send the right signal.

i completely agree that switzerland made a mistake with the minaret decision-because it goes against their principles religious tolerance and upholding of right to religion.

HOWEVER, the more I hear critics in repressive societies in the Arab region complain about it, the more it urks me. I always joked (but half mean it) that for example, if Saudis would like to get visas to the west, the men should be acompanied by their wives, sisters or mothers, and they should not be allowed to drive-or drink!

Although the jingoist and xenophobic fear of Muslims is surely driving the decision in the minaret ban, the double standards that many Arab countries exercise in religious rights is really working against them being able to make friends in the West. Perhaps we should take it up with the “Alliance of Civilizations”

2. zaydoun - 6, December 2009

See what I mean? I rest my case!!!

3. zaydoun - 6, December 2009

Oh and the Gulf News article is closed for comments… Way to go tolerant Saudis!!

Shame.. I was about unleash a heap of scorn and vitriol!

4. T - 11, December 2009

Whilst I concur that the Saudi scholars are in absolutely no position to speak of tolerance and the like, we should still avoid dismissing everything they say on ad hominem grounds. Even though I am usually in disagreement with the scholars’ point of view, one of them did say something quite reasonable:

“This is a clear evidence of the racial and religious segregation still prevails in the West, especially in a country, which boasts of an exemplary model of democratic ideals,” (Shaikh Abdul Mohsen Al Shahri, quoted from the Gulf News Article http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/saudi-arabia/saudi-scholars-slam-swiss-minaret-ban-1.547326)

Even though I think that the first part of the sentence is somewhat exaggerated, it is true that Switzerland, “boasts of an exemplary model of democratic ideals” which it usually upholds, as far as I can see. Yet, this episode is, as we all agree I believe, not the best example of such an exemplary attitude.

davidbroberts - 11, December 2009

Fair point about the ad hominem attacks. I often paint with a broad crush in these posts.

That Sheikh’s point is fair enough too.

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