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Basra bans alcohol 7, December 2009

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Iraq.
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Iraq, for so long a relatively liberal, cosmopolitan and highly educated society from ancient times to the pre-Saddam era, has been succumbing to the ravages of dictatorship and bungled occupation for decades now. This latest nail in the coffin of an inclusive and advanced Iraq pales into comparison to the great many sins committed against it in recent times but is, nevertheless, still – I feel – noteworthy.

Hat tip: Angry Arab


1. zaydoun - 7, December 2009

Probably targeted in equal measure at thirsty Kuwaitis south of the border

davidbroberts - 7, December 2009

Not unless they’ve made it infinitely easier to cross the border. I remember angry UN troops shooing people away before anyone got anywhere near the border. Besides, Kuwaitis have alcohol on tap back in Kuwait. No need to go to ‘evil’ Iraq for it, I’d have thought.

2. madswestberg - 8, December 2009

Is allowing alcohol really the correct yardstick for judging whether a society is “inclusive and advanced”? It seems to me that the only reasons why alcohol is not banned in Western societies are historic and cultural and not connected to any kind of liberal enlightenment values. The harms of alcohol are after all far worse than the harms of drugs such as ecstasy, khat and cannabis according to the scientists (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/5230006.stm)

davidbroberts - 8, December 2009

That’s a great point.

Advanced, no. Inclusive, yes. The decision is far more a sign of the way that the governorate wants to be perceived as opposed to a decision on alcohol itself.

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