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Interview with a suicide bomber 8, December 2009

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Video: How to use a mobile phone…literally 8, December 2009

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What a spectacular waste of time. Just unbelievable.

Migrants the only losers in Dubai 8, December 2009

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As much as Dubai is suffering at the moment from its crippling credit crunch, one must never lose sight of the fact that Emiratees will be fine. They will not go without their Porches, Range Rovers or trips to the South of France. The ones that will be suffering the most will, as always, be the migrant workers from Asia and North Africa. There are already stories of tens of thousands being laid off. Do you think that there is any – any – chance whatsoever that these workers will receive their owed back-pay or end of contract gratuity or severance pay? None. Khaaalis.

This is the reason that people should be angry with Dubai. Not because some greedy bankers in London have lost (yet more) money nor that the get-rich quick bankers and accountants from Essex who went to Dubai for no tax, cheap booze, the tackiest of houses and sex on the beach have lost their jobs, but because of the devastating knock-on effect that this will have on remittances and dirt-poor families in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, the Philippines….

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Kuwait’s Parliament: breakthrough? 8, December 2009

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So, several years and several Parliaments later and Kuwait’s Prime Minister has finally agreed to be cross-examined in Parliament. Previously, Kuwait’s Parliament has been dissolved (numerous times) because the Prime Minister, always a prominent member of the ruling Al Sabah family, had refused to lower himself to the humiliating position of being asked questions by Parliamentarians. Theoretically – very theoretically – this might help with the paralysis that Kuwait has been suffering in recent years. Indeed, there was (and remains to some degree) the very real possibility that the Emir would be forced to disband the misfiring and perpetually deadlocked Parliament to actually get something done. Though this is far from off the table, at least, for now, it is not quite as likely.

Heathrow gets 4th runway 8, December 2009

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It has been decided that London Heathrow airport can build an extension including a fourth runway without jeopardising the UK government’s CO2 targets. I only write this so I have an excuse to post this Peter Brookes cartoon from The Times. Read more about the decision here.

Qatar’s 2022 World Cup video 8, December 2009

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This beautifully shot video very much highlights the best aspects of Qatar. It couldn’t have been made any better.