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Arabian Gulf…Persian Gulf…Gulf of Basra? 14, December 2009

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As you no doubt know there’s a remarkable amount of kerfuffle over whether the name for the body of water separating Iran from their Arab neighbors is called the Persian Gulf or the Arabian Gulf. Yet, as if this weren’t one too many choices already, the Iraqi Foreign Minister has decided to stick his oar into the subject and has “discovered” that it “in fact” used to be called the Gulf of Basra. This is really such a curious debate when international law and historical precedent are really rather unequivocal on the matter.


1. Houwari - 14, December 2009

I suggest: The Blog Gulf.

2. davidbroberts - 15, December 2009

I like the way you think.

Great blog, incidentally. It’s now my one stop shop for all things Algerian. Don’t miss anything out!

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6. koorosh - 10, March 2012

العرب يعرفون
وكان الخليج الفارسي السبب.

7. Anonymous - 11, May 2012

only******** PERSIAN GOLF*************

8. Anonymous - 1, June 2012

presian gulf for ever

thegulfblog.com - 3, June 2012

Yes, indeed. Presian Gulf forever…

9. Iran - 27, November 2012

Persian Gulf for ever Beat It Arabs

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