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Dubai: the world’s longest ambulance 25, December 2009

Posted by thegulfblog.com in The Emirates.
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Is it just me or does Dubai at times remind you of a strung-out junkie, desperate for another fix of hyperbole and superlatives from the international press? I mean the world’s longest ambulance? What’s next, the world’s biggest cheese-grater? World’s biggest key-chain? World’s widest puddle? Feel free to add you own suggestions…

Hat tip: Suq al Mal


1. zaydoun - 25, December 2009

Dubai already has the world’s biggest ego…. or was that the world’s most deluded ego? I can’t remember anymore

2. Jonathan Harley - 30, December 2009

If Dubai is hemorrhaging cash why don’t they claim to have stuff that will bring in the punters, like the world’s largest set of breasts? Or the world’s largest beef burrito? I’d certainly visit to see either of those. Although it says a lot that I’d probably prefer the burrito.

davidbroberts - 30, December 2009

Thanks for your learned contribution.

I suppose they could make the world’s largest burrito but I fear that the world’s largest breasts might run afoul of the Emirate’s Islamic ethos, culture, law and practice. As for preferring burritos over breasts, there’s no shame in that kind of thing these days…shed the closet, reach for the rainbow and break out the Boyz-2-Men.

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