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Post apocalyptic Dubai 28, December 2009

Posted by thegulfblog.com in The Emirates.
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…is the setting for a new first person shoot’em’up computer game. The trailer, below, is curiously beautiful and extremely well done. Though, as has been said, I doubt whether that will be appreciated in Dubai when the game goes on sale there.

Hat tip: Dr. Chris Davidson


1. zaydoun - 28, December 2009

You know you’ve hit the big time as a city right up there with New York and London when you’re featured in a video game even if its apocalyptic in nature. Next up, a Roland Emmerich disaster blockbuster that takes place entirely in Dubai

Though I’d hate to think those bodies swinging from the street lamps are journalists executed for daring to talk about the current financial crisis!

2. Twins Mahmoud - 31, January 2010

I do not understand, with all the relations the American Government has with the few handful of Middle Eastern countries, why do you go and decided to shoot yourselves in the foot by creating a sick video game like that.

I suppose a depiction of the whole of an America like that, or even the CIA head-quarters and Military bases in a sick position like that with international militants at war with one another would be greeted with just as much zest, but then again, what does a super power care?

I hope your stupid racist video game backfires!

davidbroberts - 31, January 2010


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