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Explosives found at Irish Airport 5, January 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Terrorism.
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Irish authorities have found 7 items of contraband including explosives in luggage at Dublin airport. The man who arrived from Bratislava, Slovakia, has now been released. It transpires that the illicit items were planted in his luggage by Slovakian authorities as a blind test of airport security. Very proactive…though they could have alerted the Irish authorities before the man was arrested and his house sealed off and searched for explosives.


1. Abstract JK - 5, January 2010

So basically the Slovakian authorities are ‘state sponsors of terror’. I think we should invade.

davidbroberts - 6, January 2010

I second the motion. See? The coalition of the willing is thus willed. Success can only be but around the corner.

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