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Where is Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan? 20, January 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Saudi Arabia.
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There’s a rumor floating around which I’d like to propagate some more insisting that Saudi Arabia’s former 22 year-long serving  Ambassador to America, Prince Bandar bin Sultan has disappeared. The London Review of Books blog has more on it but here’s a brief summary.

  • Unreliable Iranian media sources suggested that he had been arrested for plotting a coup of sorts
  • Others suggest that he’s ill or has been ordered to silence for meddling without approval in Syria
  • The hugely reliably (…) Saudi opposition sources maintain that Bandar is in Dhaban Prison in Jeddah. This is, according to the LRB blog, a high security facility where Bandar and 4 generals are being held in a separate wing
  • Bandar has missed many important engagements since his last public outing in December 2008 in including missing his official reswearing in as National Security Council head in September last year – a ceremony which traditionally entails pledging allegiance to the King
  • The key issue is, however, that he missed the homecoming of his father, Prince Sultan, from extended recuperation and medical care abroad in December 2009.

Update: here

Update of the update: he’s alive!


1. John - 27, January 2010

All wrong!

davidbroberts - 28, January 2010

Quite probably.

2. MATT - 11, March 2010

So, what is the trouth??
who can answer this Q?

3. Maree - 10, April 2010

Tactical Report claim to have the answer to where the Prince Bandar is.

There is a 40USD charge though to read the report so I can’t tell you what they say.

4. SHAHID ABBAS HASSAN - 25, August 2010


davidbroberts - 25, August 2010


5. syed adnan ali - 2, September 2010

Dear Sir,


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davidbroberts - 2, September 2010

Think you’ve rather misunderstood this website…

6. Bandar Bin Sultan: found « The Gulf blog - 19, October 2010

[…] Prince Sultan, has turned up. There has been a veritable plethora of interesting stories and rumors suggesting that he was ill abroad, in prison in Saudi or otherwise in trouble for fiddling around with Sunni […]

7. Muhammad Azhar Sindho - 8, November 2010

Honourable sir,
I want to make contact through e-mail for good relation.
Muhammad Azhar Sindho

thegulfblog.com - 8, November 2010

I get a surprising number of comments like this. I’ve no idea what people think this blog is at times.

8. majid - 6, April 2011

recorded voices and videos of the bandar are being released by sirian authoritis revealing the saudi’s hands on the hariris death and bashar asad toppling done and hariris court. this is the time for the gulf to have the news correctly instead of pantomizing surgical operation on bandara

9. Shadow - 1, August 2011

He’s a chicken shit gypsy. He’s hiding because he had a hand in the turmoil that is happening in syria now. He also knows that because he had a hand in the turmoil, that hand is going to get chopped off. That’s why that gypsy is hiding.

10. Sultan Brunei - 19, October 2011

Prince Bandar bin Sultan disappeared from USA its hard to believe. The America is one of the best security zone in world and they claim to provide security to their every visitor than how did this happened?

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