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The disabled 4 year old and US airport authorities 20, February 2010

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I do not want people to think that I enjoy bashing US authorities. That is far from the purpose of this blog and does not at all represent my personal views on Americans or their security establishment. Yet, from time to ever increasingly frequent time, they just beg for a few scathing words.

The latest example of idiocy is by US Transport Security Administration (TSA) employees at Philadelphia airport. Earlier this month security staff made a 4 year old disabled child on his way to Walt Disney World for a birthday treat remove his leg braces and stumble through the metal detectors by himself. Clearly, were his parents to have helped him through, this would have caused a serious security breach.

Need it be said, TSA spokespeople have since confirmed that such a situation ought never to have arisen. Ryan, the child in question, should have been escorted with his parents to a separate room where his leg braces could have been swabbed for explosive residue.

What sort of people are these TSA idiots at Philadelphia airport? Where is their sense of – excuse the hyperbole – humanity or just common sense? I really see direct parallels with the Milgram experiments. Give people an ounce of authority and they can turn, in this case without any real prompting, into cruel, mean-spirited and unfeeling automatons.


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