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Couple arrested in Dubai for a kiss 12, March 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in The Emirates.
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Authorities in Dubai have arrested and are threatening to deport and jail a couple that kissed in a restaurant. It is also alleged that the man – shockingly – might also have touched the woman’s shoulder and [oh, the horror!] leg during the ordeal witnessed by distraught Emiratees.

It is important to mention at this point that I am not being euphemistic: apparently it was just a kiss; they were not mounting each other in the restaurant or anything of the sort. This case is significantly different from the stupid British couple that had sex on a beach in Dubai some time ago.

The judge also fined them for drinking alcohol in a restaurant where alcohol was served in a ruling exquisitely highlighting his impartiality.


1. AL G. - 18, March 2010

As much as I dislike the unenlightened, intolerant, repressive and out-of-date Islamic religion, this couple should have known the stakes going in. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. When you’re living in another country you follow their laws or be prepared to face the consequences. You can’t have it both ways. Look on the bright side though, at least they’re not going to be stoned to death!

davidbroberts - 19, March 2010

I 100% agree that one needs to respect the laws of the country that one is in but given the levels of obvious prostitution and other debauchery in Dubai, I find it enormously distasteful and hypocritical that this most minor of transgressions is being treated as absurdly as it is. Essentially, Dubai seems to be ‘having it both ways’. I like your bright side: you’re clearly an irrepressible optimist!

Thanks for commenting.

2. u dont kno me - 19, March 2010

haha thts stupid who would arrest sum1 4 kissin!!!

davidbroberts - 19, March 2010

Eloquently put.

3. RS - 6, April 2010

I was planning to visit Dubai but now I really feel don’t think it would be a good idea.Just a kiss and all this fuss! My god -even in India no one would make even the slightest issue of that!!!!!

davidbroberts - 6, April 2010

I don’t think that you’re alone in the ‘I’ll skip by Dubai’ type sentiment….

4. Jason of Oman - 7, April 2010

Oh, Dubai is great! But you simply should not violate the mores and customs of the country you are in. I would not miss the opportunity to visit Dubai. But come on, you must be culturally sensitive. Yes, Dubai can be a very strange but enchanting place. Remember, in the Arab world your home is your castle and you can do whatever you wish, so just keep things in your home. I think it is nothing short of arrogance and disrespect when people refuse to accept the rules and regulations of another country. If you want to challenge anything, do that in your own country.

davidbroberts - 7, April 2010

It’s the rank hypocrisy that annoys me…

5. charles william - 17, December 2011

@RS. Dont wrry, if you’re indian, you dont need to worry about kissing or getting kissed in dubai.

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