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Qatar and Iran to launch satellite 22, March 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Al-Jazeera, Egypt, Iran.
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MEMRI reports that Iran and Qatar are to launch a satellite together primarily to compete with Egypt’s Nilesat. This stems from a recent decision imposed on Egyptian broadcast networks to stop broadcasting Iran’s Al Alam TV channel to the Arab world. If this venture succeeds (a sizable ‘if’ I’d have thought) Al Alam will once again flood the airwaves smearing Iranian soft power insidiously into the crevices of the Arab World, as Mubarak might put it.


1. Didier - 22, March 2010

Wait a minute, I thought Mubarak was dead.

davidbroberts - 22, March 2010

Well some people seem to be convinced…

2. Samsung Lcd Tv Qatar | LCD TV Plus Facts Shack - 23, March 2010

[…] Qatar and Iran to launch satellite « The Gulf blog […]

3. global broadcast satellite - 3, May 2010

its great that Qatar and Iran launched there satellite.
good article.

4. itreflect - 21, July 2010

this is great news that qatar and iran launched there satelite

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