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Qatari Emir: ‘I’ve failed as Arab League head’ 29, March 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Qatar.
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In a refreshing speech, Qatar’s Emir has said that he has

no achievements to boast of in the past one year as head of the Arab Summit.

He continued to insist that there needs to be reforms within the Arab League if it is to succeed. Yet with differences entrenched, it is difficult to see any kind of unity befalling the League in the near future.


1. Abu 'Argala - 29, March 2010

I love reading your blog for the subtle yet biting insights.

I thought befalling was a particular bon mot.

Indeed unity would have to “fall” from the skies on the Arab League.

A random unplanned outcome.

Perhaps, the Brother Leader was presciently referring to a “honesty” void in his earlier remarks. In which case the Amir of Qatar seems to have stepped up smartly to fill it.

It’s acts like these that might shake the AL to its very foundations!

davidbroberts - 30, March 2010

Wallahi…such high praise. The cheque is on the way…

2. Abu 'Argala - 30, March 2010

If you haven’t mailed yet, I’d prefer a “hard” currency.

Give me a day or two to see if I can think of one.

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