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The horror: Kuwaiti athletes participate with Israelis! 31, March 2010

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A few news organisations in Kuwait appear to be puffing themselves up with indignant bluster after it has emerged that three Kuwaiti athletes took part in an athletics event where – brace yourself – Israeli athletes also participated.

These judicious defenders of Kuwait’s virtue and sworn enemies of any and all vice in Kuwait (perhaps they should call themselves the Virtue and Vice police?) leapt to savage these treacherous Kuwaitis who finished 111th, 117th and 118th at the world-famous Polish Cross Country Championships.

Let’s all be thankful that these vigilant morality warriors spotted this mendacious and unconscionable affront to Kuwaiti piety. Imagine – just imagine! – the possible consequences had they – I shudder at the thought – actually MET one of the Israelis: they might have exchanged a few words of dialogue…oy vey…

Of course, the key thing to remember here is that Palestinians, so dear to the Kuwaiti’s hearts and the reason for this pathetic honorable reporting will, I am sure, be thrilled and thankful at all the meaningful, literal and on-the-ground differences that this Kuwaiti gesture has made.


1. Abu 'Argala - 31, March 2010

What’s not clear from these accounts is whether this outrage is more serious than having a women’s soccer team engage in competitions. Or music lessons in the government schools.

Personally, I think it’s the music lessons.

2. zaydoun - 31, March 2010

And on Passover too! Oy vey indeed!


davidbroberts - 31, March 2010

MUSIC! Harrraaaaaam!

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