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The first Muslim sex-shop 6, April 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Islam.
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Whilst I realise that I’ve stumbled upon this story uncomfortably close to April Fool’s Day, it appears that a Muslim Sex Shop – El Asira – has opened – where else? – in Holland. The goal of the shop is to offer sex aids and other erotica that does not ‘offend Shaira law’. Good luck to them.

The shop does not contain pornography or other…err…more physical sexual aids. Instead, through separate entrances, men and women can browse oils, lubricants and a range of supposedly aphrodisiac – and halal – pills.

Assuming that this story is real, whilst the owner may well seek to avoid haram pornography and the like and the Prophet himself may well have given ‘advice about sex in marriage’ I still can’t see how this venture can end happily.

Hat tip: Sultan Al Qassemi