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The first Muslim sex-shop 6, April 2010

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Whilst I realise that I’ve stumbled upon this story uncomfortably close to April Fool’s Day, it appears that a Muslim Sex Shop – El Asira – has opened – where else? – in Holland. The goal of the shop is to offer sex aids and other erotica that does not ‘offend Shaira law’. Good luck to them.

The shop does not contain pornography or other…err…more physical sexual aids. Instead, through separate entrances, men and women can browse oils, lubricants and a range of supposedly aphrodisiac – and halal – pills.

Assuming that this story is real, whilst the owner may well seek to avoid haram pornography and the like and the Prophet himself may well have given ‘advice about sex in marriage’ I still can’t see how this venture can end happily.

Hat tip: Sultan Al Qassemi


1. Ephemeral - 25, April 2010


2. Kelly - 25, May 2010

Bahrain has a sex shop – who knew!! And thanks to the GDN now all the English speaking population are aware of it!


3. The Gulf’s first sex shop « The Gulf blog - 27, May 2010

[…] This comes not long after an entrepreneurial Muslim opened a sex shop in Amsterdam […]

4. Noor al Haqiqa - 1, August 2010

I wish them well. As a Western woman, when I married a Muslim man, a very good solid Muslim, I was astonished at how little he knew about women and our anatomy. It took me quite some time …. not that I complain… to educate him to the delight of us both. One of the first things he took pleasure in was teaching me the naughty Arabic words you don’t find in books! Other than that, we kept to halal practices as well because of his beliefs.

The world is full of temptations for men and women. Even the strongest of marriages can be tested over such issues as sex and sexual satisfaction. This service of aids being offered to Muslims is a good thing because pleasure between husband and wife is part of the foundation of good relationship. Sexual joy is also one of Allah’s great gifts to man and woman.

It is about time the Western world sees that Muslims are just plain people too. They must see women are not dead beneath their burkas and that, despite the impressions formed of Muslim sexuality, those impressions are wrong.

5. muslim woman - 10, August 2010

I was married to a muslim man. While he expected sex on command, in ten years of married life, he never gave me on night of sexual satisfaction. Sex was something that happened at his convenience, when he wanted it, and I had no say on what was being done to my body. I wasted my 20s with this man, I will not waste my 30s with another loser. I divorced him and will NEVER sleep with a muslim man again. And I will make sure my daughter does not make the mistake of marrying a muslim. The sexual rights of a muslim woman exist on dusty papers somewhere and are only discussed when nonmuslims ask muslim men about the sexual rights of women; they are rarely discussed in a muslim family and it is shameful for a muslim woman to even talk about sex. I feel angry that I got suckered into a relationship with a man who did not think of women as human beings. he was very passive aggressive so it took me a long time to understand his deeply misogynist nature. Stay away from these losers, they wouldnt know how to fuck a woman if u hit them on the head with the kamasutra. And I am a muslim myself, except I will never let a muslim man touch my body again.

6. Anonymous - 24, August 2010


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