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3 months for reckless murder in Dubai 27, April 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in The Emirates.
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Two Emirati youths have been sentenced to jail for three months for killing a man in his car after losing control during a drag race. The two murderers were driving heavily and illegally modified cars at more than twice the speed limit in a residential area. Whilst the three-month jail sentence may well be viewed as a horrifically lenient and pathetic sentence, it is important to remember that they were also banned from driving for a year AND banned from renewing their licenses for a year as well.

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1. AbuArqala - 27, April 2010

“The judgement was issued due to the age of the drivers and the fact that they are students.” said chief prosecutor Bu Faroosha.

davidbroberts - 27, April 2010

Well in that case it’s fine…

I’m pleased as always to see you donating your time to offer the other, contrary opinion but on this occasion I really can’t see any other side…3 months is a criminally short sentence.

2. AbuArqala - 27, April 2010

Actually not a justification rather an explanation quoting the prosecutor in the article you quoted.

3. nQ - 5, May 2010

It is ridiculous not to prosecute criminals! 18 and 19 yr old people are adults and completely capable of differentiating their right from wrong. In three months they will leave their cell and go back to causing havoc to society – with or without license. They need to be sent to juvi for at least a year, and pay more than double the price they did.

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