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Kenya expel 4 UAE ruling family members as terror suspects 27, April 2010

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Kenya are currently furiously trying to apologise and reestablish amicable relations with the Emirates after Kenyan immigration officials interrogated four members of the ruling family for hours before deporting them as suspected terrorists.

Can you imagine how indignant and splutteringly angry they must have been? I bet there was some choice language to the effect of ‘but my family could buy and sell your whole country a hundred times!’ And I wonder how they entered the country. Through customs like everyone else? Or did they try to get themselves whisked away from the airport immediately without such small formalities which are clearly beneath them?

The Emirates have responded typically maturely and sensibly by tightening visa restrictions and only allowing in Kenyan graduates.

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1. rikshaw - 4, May 2010

its unfortunate for Emirates to do what it is doing to Kenyans. Though it was wrong for our police to do what they did to the Emiraties,i personally think that it is very childish to make kenyan bussiness man and women to suffer.
This is what i say,we kenyans may at the moment have problems getting visas because we are used to doing business with U.A.E companies.
UAE may think that kenyan business is too small for them,but the more they do this the more we become wiser and feel that we dont need UAE.as a matter of Fact alot of DUBAI companies depends on AFRICAN MARKET,Kenya maybe a small country,our officials maybe corrupt but we are changing and we are changing to become a better stronger country than it has been.
We may have some politicians that are not good for the country,but we have alot of young man who are coming up and understanding the world economy and how to deal with countries like UAE,that are a arrogant.
By the way if i had my way,i would actually tell my felllow kenyan brothers and sister not to do any business,work, in UAE and also not send their children to study their,i would have my country compete with UAE in business and economy untill i have my fellow AFRICAN BROTHERS and SISTERS come to kenya to do there shopping instead of going to UAE.
I would love to say more but i am a bitter man,i have lost alot of money because of this UAE problem,my customers and suppliers are playing around with my money because they know that i cannot do nothing because i am not able to go to the UAE.
the one who is supposed to pay ,is not! The containers that arrived in Jabel Ali cannot be taken care of because i canot go to UAE.
But i say,this is just money,nothing else Just money.we may have lost it now,but this is the UAE era,but it does’nt always stay forever.

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