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Qatar unveils stunning 2022 stadiums 28, April 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Qatar.
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Qatar has unveiled the first 5 stadium designs for its 2022 World Cup bid. The stadia look spectacular and would grace any World Cup. Given Sepp Blatter’s recent comments about how the Arab world ‘deserves a World Cup’ Qatar’s supporters may well be quietly confident.

Assessing Qatar’s chance of being awarded the World Cup is exceedingly difficult. They clearly have the money to overcome any problems. An Arab world World Cup is also a popular idea among influential people at the top of the game. Qatar have played a shrewd game so far seeking to sew up votes in important voting confederation. They have attracted very popular Ambassadors such as Frank De Boer and notably Pep Guardiola, Bareclona’s legendary player and manager.

Yet, conversely, there are crushingly serious issues to overcome. Specifically, the World Cup must be held in July, a bakingly hot and muggy time of the year in Qatar. Yes, Qatar can and will throw money at this by seeking to air condition stadia or some such solution, but then run seriously afoul of green issues by – essentially – pumping out cold air into the desert. Also, Qatar’s profound lack of suitable stadia or practice pitches (64 of them, which all need to be air-conditioned) at the moment will worry judges: plans are one thing, concrete, completed, spectacular stadia another. Moreover, there are some exceedingly strong bids from countries such as England, Russia, Spain and Portugal and America.

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1. Murtala hassan ahmad - 2, May 2010

Indeed we are happy with your plan to build the largest stadium in arab world. Thank.

2. MaheshKumar.N.C. - 4, September 2010

Its Splendid designing, and good work fro the Upcoming 2022 World Soccer Football,, All The Best for your bidding..Aadhidev Maheshkumar

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