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SNP lose absurd bid to hijack leader debate 28, April 2010

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The Scottish National Party has lost its bid to hijack the last leader’s debate later on this week due to be hosted by the BBC. The SNP had taken the BBC to court to either try to force the inclusion of Alex Salmond, the SNP leader, in the debate or force the BBC to cut off the signal to Scotland.

The notion that Salmond would be have a podium next to Brown, Clegg and Cameron is laughable. The SNP have only 7 seats in Westminster, only contest 10% of all seats in the UK and Salmond cannot become Prime Minister, yet wanted to join in.

The idea that the SNP would cut off the BBC signal to Scotland is scarcely less ridiculous. Salmond seemingly wanted to take after his Stalin supporting father and decree what people can and cannot see. Choice…democracy…anyone? Also cutting off the BBC to Scotland cannot be done without cutting the feed for tens of thousands of people in the north of England and Northern Ireland too. But then again, one has to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

The judge, however, quickly threw out their case which cost the SNP £50,000 to bring to court. I’m sure that there’s nothing better to spend that cash on in Scotland.

Yet this is an idea and a policy in keeping with the SNP. They want to get rid of the Trident Nuclear Submarine base in Faslane. No problem, but that will instantly remove 11,000 jobs from the economy overnight. But that doesn’t matter because Salmond wants to base Scotland’s future economy on four factors. Joining Europe, using oil reserves, using their banking industry and following the example of other small countries.

A few problems leap to mind here.

Yes, eventually Scotland would probably be admitted to the EU. But first certain nations such as Spain need to vote them in. This cannot be done overnight. And does anyone think the Madrid wants to vote on EU accession for a separatist chunk of a European neighbour with their unresolved Basque issues? Furthermore, the EU is large these days. It’s not like Scotland could look to Ireland’s example who benefited hugely from EU membership: there is simply not enough money there to go around and what is there will surely go further East where it is needed more. Lastly, the Rectors/Principals of Scotland’s three best Universities, have, I believe, come out unanimously against Scottish Independence, realising that it would be disastrous for their coffers.

Oil? Please.

Banking on the Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland might have made some sense a few years ago but now they’re all but destroyed.

Similarly, a few years ago Scotland could perhaps have followed the example of Iceland…today? Not so much.

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