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Kuwait sue Iraqi Airways for $1.2bn 29, April 2010

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For the first time in 20 years an Iraqi Airways plane landed at London’s Gatwick Airport last week after being delayed by the ash cloud. No sooner had it landed, however, than the UK High Court issued an order seeking the immediate freeze of all Iraqi Airways assets worldwide. Kuwait Airways Co. submitted a claim to the UK court for some $1.2 billion for assets stolen by Saddam Hussein two decades ago. They claim that they ought to be allowed to take Iraqi airways planes as compensation.

On this occasion, the Kuwaitis could not seize the plane as it was leased from a Swedish company. However the director general of Iraqi Airways had his documents taken to prevent him from flying. The Journal further reports that the Kuwaiti authorities have several successful court rulings relating to the $1.2 billion figure but so far Iraqi Airways have simply ignored the demands for payments.

How in good conscience Kuwaitis can still demand money from Iraq is just beyond me. It seems utterly inhumane, wholly ruthless and deeply wrong.

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1. Anonymous - 29, April 2010

is Iraqi airways not privately owned today?
Just having the name of the government owned airline and operating its fleet doesnt make you accountable.
Funny Kuwait still fumes about this, money is king in the end.

davidbroberts - 30, April 2010

I assume that it is at least partly Government owned, though am willing to be corrected.

2. Al Haj Kiuwa - 23, March 2011

Nice , I want to purchase the name of company and hire the workers . Thus I will have to pay off the debt. In real case the company has no assets or if it has its all a junk. I guess Kuwait airways has not an emergency need for the money all together in cash by now. So , I may need some time to complete this debt payoff and in installment phase. I know this company is not safe to be based in Iraq. So, for the time President Talabani is in office I shall not send even a single aircraft to Iraq.

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