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Three attacks on Chinese school chilrden in 5 days 30, April 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in China.
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The Times of London reports that China is suffering from a spate of school attacks. The latest incident where a farmer barged his way into a local school and attacked children with a hammer before setting himself on fire occurred in the Shandong province. None of the children were seriously hurt. The day before a man wounded 29 children by slashing them with a knife in a school in the Jiangsu province. Two are still in intensive care. Emergency protective measures are being taken in schools across China.

It is interesting [if that is the correct word…] to note that one of the attackers committed the crime in revenge ‘on’ the local community for personal humiliations and that this was the same motivation attributed to Thomas Hamilton, the man who killed 16 children and one adult in a school attack in Dunblane, Scotland in 1996.

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