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Woman pummels Saudi religious policeman 17, May 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Saudi Arabia.
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Great news from Saudi Arabia: a woman has attacked a member of Saudi’s religious police, ‘repeatedly’ punching him forcing him to go to hospital. The situation arose after the policeman sauntered through an amusement park looking for people’s nights to ruin non-married couples fraternising, which is – of course – illegal in the Kingdom. He stopped a man and [this] woman but for unknown reasons the man collapsed prompting the woman to give him a good kicking. Houra!

Hat tip: Sultan Al Qasseimi


1. Al Crackers - 17, May 2010


I vote she goes around Jeddah looking for more of them!!!

Rock on baby!

2. zaydoun - 17, May 2010

All it really takes is for women to fight back, but sadly they also need the support and backing of their male family members otherwise they end up in deep trouble, and so does their family

It really is a reign of terror over there!

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