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US teacher suspended for teaching ‘best angle to assassinate Obama’ 19, May 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in American ME Relations.
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A maths teacher in Alabama has been suspended and was investigated by the Secret Service for teaching his pupils geometry using the example of how to assassinate President Obama. As stupid as the teacher clearly is for following through with this example, it seems harsh that he stands a good chance of losing his job. I imagine that this will polarise the US press. The left-wing will rant that it is a ‘disgrace’ that this kind of ‘vicious’ anti-Obama rhetoric is apparent in Alabama where as the right-wing will rant that it’s clearly a ‘silly joke’.


1. Farrah - 21, May 2010

Great blog, but as a Texan I have to object to the Alabama-Texas mix-up. Alabama is wwwwaaaaayyy different than Texas. Yes, we mess up too, but please correct!

davidbroberts - 21, May 2010

Thanks for pointing that out, it really was quite an egregiously stupid thing to write. Apologies for any offense caused.

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