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World’s richest heads of state 20, May 2010

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The Independent has a fascinating list of the world’s richest heads of state. The most interesting nugget that I take from it is that the Kuwaiti Emir, on ascending to the throne in 2006, upped his own salary from £26 million to £188 million per year. Nice.

Also, Australia’s Mandarin speaking Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is worth an estimated £41 million and New Zealand’s PM is worth some £25 million. Curious.

1. King of Thailand – £20 billion

2. Sultan of Brunei – £13.3 billion

3. Khalifah bin Zayed Al Nayhan – £12 billion

4. King of Saudi Arabia – £11.5 billion

5. King  Dictator  Emperor  Ruler  Oligarch  Tyrant  Misogynistic idiot famous baldy of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi – £6 billion

6. Prince of Lichtenstein – £2.5 billion

7. Emir of Qatar – £1.4 billion (he’s not the richest Qatari – the Foreign/Prime Minister HBJ is)

8. “Mr 10%’ – President of Pakistan – £1.2 billion

9. Prince Albert II of Monaco – £700 million

10. Chilean President – £700 million

12. ‘Africa’s worst dictator’ [now THAT is quite the list to be at the top of…]  Teodoro Obiang-Nbasogo – President of Equatorial Guinea – £400 million

16. King of Swaziland – £68 million […]


1. peteyb - 23, May 2010

re. kuwait’s emir you should highlight the fact that he is the only gulf monarch that actually gets a salary as mentioned in the cited article rather than treating the entire state as his personal piggybank.

also note that that same salary is what he uses to pay a stipend to the entire royal family as they are not entitled to any special support from the state and are not recognized as financial beneficiaries separate from other citizens. the previous emir decided to pay them a share of his own salary.

an interesting setup that will get more so as the family grows and the state fortune shrinks as oil inevitably loses it’s prime position as a commodity.

davidbroberts - 24, May 2010

All fair, good and interesting points.

2. Mark Mubokyi - 4, November 2011

Do they realy use state money 2 raise their incomes?

3. Jay - 14, February 2012

Such a idiotic list and content, You forgot way too many like Gaddafi, Mubarak, Ben Ali, Putin and more.

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