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Multiply raped maid repatriated & charges dropped against Saudi 25, May 2010

Posted by thegulfblog.com in Saudi Arabia.
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A Filipino housemaid in Saudi Arabia who was repeatedly raped by her employer over a period of three years is to be deported after the case was dropped. She was paid £1900 by the Saudi rapist as well as two months wages that she was owed totaling (for both months) £150. She also has to pay her own way home.

Hat tip: Al Bab


1. Nepali maids dumped outside embassy in Saudi « The Gulf blog - 26, May 2010

[…] these maids are on the ‘luckier’ end of the scale. Many more are, as I wrote only yesterday, essentially confined to the houses and a seemingly high proportion of maids are severely […]

2. Abu Arqala - 26, May 2010

A couple of years ago the Saudi Govt was running an ad campaign on the TV about treating foreign workers properly.

There were several.

One showed a Saudi sitting in an air conditioned car. A sweating obviously miserable foreign worker was crossing in front of him. The Saudi started shouting at the guy telling him to get a move on. The guy gave him a look like “Give me a break it’s 45 out here”. The Saudi is unmoved. Later in the night the Saudi is praying. The tag line was roughly “Those who give mercy get mercy”.

Another was another of a group of Saudi women at a home party. The woman of the house starts berating the foreign maid humiliating her in front of the guests for some trivial thing. Then hits her. I forget the tag line for this one.

Looks like advertising doesn’t always work.

Hadith Qudsi #21 seems to be the appropriate chapter and verse.

davidbroberts - 26, May 2010

I’m pleased (as always) that you’ve put across the other side here. If you come across such adverts again do let me know.

What do you think is the core issue here? Why are these kinds of problems seemingly so prevalent?

3. Abu Arqala - 27, May 2010

I think it’s a case of opportunity and motive.

There are people who can be economically exploited. It’s done to them in their home countries by their fellows and done to them overseas by foreigners. In some cases by their governments.

Economics: Sheer greed. In many cases sheer unreasonable greed. Obsession over that “extra” $1.00 in some poor person’s pocket. I know one case where a very rich fellow (think billions) focused on how he could cheat some of his workers out of an extra $10 in pay per month. The numbers were no more than 500. The net to him made absolutely no difference in his life. But the method he used to “save” and the abysmal wage he paid his staff made all the difference to them. He was I believe considered an upstanding member of his faith and community.

Psychological. It’s a way of dealing with self esteem issues. Power over others compensates for feelings of powerlessness. And feelings that one has been abused by others.

There’s a “special” place in hell for those who exploit the poor and weak pretty far down but not as low as the place for those who abuse children.

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