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Viciously racist Emirati comments on Indian plane tragedy 25, May 2010

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RIP Plane Victims

Not really. Not only do I not care if the victims “rest in peace” but it seems to me that they are, rather, resting in pieces!

I am of course talking about flight IX 812 from Dubai to Balglapour (or some other hell hole, they’re all the same) that recently crashed (click here)

I know I know. Mean, blah blah. The way I see it is as follows. The UAE is (about) 50% Indians, Something that I, and 90% of all other Emaratis see as a bad thing.

This plane, carrying Indians who live and work here, means that 160 indians that clog up the roads, cause accidents, fail code inspections at Indian restaurants, speak like this guy, and are a general drag on the security of the UAE, wont be coming back. That is a very GOOD thing!

I can only pray that this happens every week!

Sadly, we’ll probably have 160 new VISAs for 160 new Indians issued in 3 hours… And the authority in charge of this will flaunt that, as if it’s a good thing.

For those who do give a damn, and sadly see this as a sad thing, here is a full list of the flight’s passengers:

1. Rajkumar
2. Kumar Malalavajayapalamaniyanukrishnanananana
3. Babu Pinto
4. Parata
5. Masala Dosa

Repeat that list 32 times.

When all is said and done, they’re probably better off dead. I mean, look at the world, they arent missing anything special.

This blog post appeared on http://www.al-emarati.com. It is a truly viciously racist, cruel, vile and stupid piece of writing, which seems to get worse every time you read it. Whilst there is never any logic or sense to such ravings, what exactly does he think would happen to the Emirates if all the Indians left? Whilst decrying their ‘pernicious’ effects on his country he wholly seems to forget that without the hundreds of thousands of Indians, Philippinos etc the Emirates would stop working overnight.

If he wants to live a wholly Emirati life without foreigners in his country then he needs – quite literally – to go back to the desert-esque lifestyle as his grandfather experienced. I do not mean this in a mean, pejorative way but wholly literally: there are simply not enough Emiratis to run a fraction of their own services and industries, ergo, if he hates foreigners so much then he needs to eschew every trapping of modern life.


1. Andrea - 25, May 2010

I’d prefer to stick to the subject and not be bought in by Al Emarati’s rant. Dubai has allowed all cultures and nationalities to live in relative peace and harmony here and I believe we can continue to do so.

However, I suggest that every individual stands up to this bully. Ignoring him, allows him to justify and continue his racist & depraved opinion.

Please lodge your complaint here with Blogger on http://www.google.com/support/blogger/bin/request.py?hl=en&contact_type=hate_speech and Etisalat on http://www.etisalat.ae/index.jsp?type=proxy

I have sent these details to everyone I know to take a stand.

On reading Al Emarati’s blog I recalled the following poem which spurred me on to act:

“THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

and by that time no one was left to speak up.”
Martin Niemoller

Ultra Blue, one of the writer’s on Al Emarati blog is racist, he is ignorant and believes his money and thoughts will save him once he reaches his judgement day. However I will leave my thoughts about his punishment with God.

davidbroberts - 25, May 2010

Thanks for your thoughts.

2. Abstract JK - 25, May 2010

wow. you have inglorious basterds and insensitive/evil basterds. This writer clearly comfortably belongs among the latter.

3. Andrea - 25, May 2010

Hi There, Ultra (Blue) from Al Emarati blog has taken down his article and provided a pitiful apology in it’s place. Atleast it’s an apology and the article has been removed.

davidbroberts - 25, May 2010

I’ve not read his apology yet – their site is currently down but whatever it is it simply must be the most insincere, as you say, pitiful apology going. Just reading his replies to people who commented to complain about his article (google cache), it is abundantly clear that he wholly means what he says and is a nasty dyed-in-the-wool bigot.

Holy shit! 51 comments waiting to be approved on this post! Just more proof that humans are a vile bunch who love bad things. Amazing how when we blog about good and real issues we don’t get this response.

I wonder who is “worse” me for posting this or the people who don’t comment unless I post stuff like this.

Sad sad commenters indeed.

Err…yes, that would be you.

4. Andrea - 25, May 2010

Du and Etisalat have blocked his blog.

Im sure he must be spewing venom!

davidbroberts - 25, May 2010

Whilst I agree that what he wrote was vile, I’m not overly sure that blocking it was the right thing to do…though, when in the Emirates, do as the Emiraties do, I suppose!

5. emiratweet - 25, May 2010

These people do not represent us at all. Emiratis are respectful and appreciative of all nationalities. #nobigotsinuae


davidbroberts - 25, May 2010

Thanks for your comment, but I wholly realise that this sort of idiot does not represent all Emiratis. All countries have these kinds of people. The eternally tricky question is to wonder what to do with such comments and people: to block or ban or to live and argue…

6. mohammed ejaz - 26, May 2010

Of course he does not represent all emiratis. I know a lot of emiratis who are wonderful ppl. I am an Indian and I dont believe pulling down the site was the right thing to do. The man was merely expressing his opinion on a certain subject he felt strongly about. Everyones entitled to an opinion. I guess freedom of speech really is a hard thing to come by these days.

7. Maria - 26, May 2010

What a hypocrite this person is! I cannot even believe that anyone as evil as him could ever exist in this world! Not until I read this article. Maybe I am just naive. But may God forgive him for how he perceives of other races.

8. Gnarly, racist dude: 404 for ‘ya! - 26, May 2010

[…] invite you to see the original content of that vicious blog post here and judge for […]

9. Harshi - 26, May 2010

Haha! Du and Etisalat have blocked his blog! Do we NEED to say more? Seriously, the guy needs to be shown the mental assylum.

10. rohit - 27, May 2010

Freedom of speech does not entitle hate and venom against innocent victims, please be ashamed of you and thos who cannot distinguish between them.
Block the site and lock the person for life, a person who is spawned out of horrible upbringing.
Such a person who does not care for human life should be thrown of a plane to get an idea how it feels like.

davidbroberts - 27, May 2010

I’ve never been invited to be ashamed of myself before. Curious.

I can see that it is a repugnant thing to say (and I think that I’m on record as saying so in absolutely no uncertain terms) but I have enough self awareness to reaslise that I am, perhaps, sometimes, occasionally wrong. I don’t think that what I think is automatically right. Clearly, you, however, have the divine right to be judge, jury and executioner over…well…all freedom of speech, so it seems. I think you need to learn a touch of humility.

I also like the way that you went from libertarian to fascist in less than 8 words and on to someone recommending torture and murder with no trial, sentencing or jury by the next sentence: many congratulations! I really (really) think that you need to take a quick look at your schizophrenic little rant there.

11. non emirati - 27, May 2010

I am admitting it is not nice to say those things aloud, but I must agree about what was written and I am not an Emirati. Can they bring a better quality people in here? This place became impossible to live because of indians!

davidbroberts - 27, May 2010

That’s really quite the understatement.

What it is, exactly, that is so terrible that all Indians do?

12. CKCH - 28, May 2010

Um…I’m not sure how anyone can really defend this piece of writing. Of course, free speech is important to uphold. But, well, this almost seems to be hate speech. AND, He stated he wishes for an accident like this to happen repeatedly.

This is just one guy. I know that all Emerati’s don’t share his sentiments. But it is scary that even one person feels this way.

davidbroberts - 28, May 2010

I VERY much do not want to come across that I’m defending this piece of writing. I’ve written withering criticism of it time and again. It’s repellent in every way, shape and form. I was more criticizing the near-equally bad overreaction of some idiot in reply to it.

13. UAEian - 28, May 2010

UltraBlue doesn’t represent Emaratis. He’s of persian origins. HE IS PERSIAN!! he admitted himself in his own blog!

Don’t judge us by this persian idiot!

14. Bobbyjaan - 1, June 2010

Arent most of the settlers here from Persian origin? Own up to yout own ‘kind’ and do something about it rather than disconnecting from the breed. If an Indian were to write a HATE blog, he/ she would have been out of the country by now. Baba Zayed settled here from abroad too and invited others to do the same. Build it and they will come is used in almost every new development press release. We built it, more came and now you wish we were dead? Pop the bubble you are in and smell thy neighbour. Fix it. Dont shrug it under the perisan carpet….

15. expart - 2, June 2010

To non emarati,

tell me from where you are, Quality ???? what kind of quality u have ?

Spreading hearted comments? Open you eyes and ears to know what kind of quality they have in all fields in india and abroad. They are every where and in every business, they are shining form frontoffice jobs to space industry. Before commenting, understand fully of what ur writing.

16. The Destroyer of Worthless Souls - 6, June 2010

there is a saying that if you slap someone in return of being slapped, it makes you equally faulty.

However, this “Affluent person seeks what he or his generations to come can never achieve”

The writer obviously is disturbed mentally….probably abused or harrassed publicly in a toilet since he was 6…

Stupid mindless camel head. Its clowns like who that people judge the rest of us.

I know for a fact that the emaratis are not so stupid and infact loving and caring people. I myself have tons of friends.

BUT for those who feel a little racist – It does hurt though when you realize at an adult age and after years sitting in flashy cars and wearing big watches, that your brains are developed to that of your 8 month old baby and the baby could probably repeat the multiplication tables of 2 and 4 faster than you could stick your fingers out to count.

Hate to bring it to any of you clowns out there who even ‘feel’ this uneducated nipple has made any sense – I speak for all expats – You wouldnt have any of those flashy cars if it werent for the expats who came in early days in helped you realize that food CAN be eaten cooked and Air Conditioners were not possessed.

Its people like you we sing our love about – Love for ripping your head, dipping it in your own Vile and serving it to your family.

P.S. No mate – We are not bad people for sending you such lovely comments. We never responded to your earlier comments or posts cos they were all lyrical diaorreah. Its just that this time we have all decided to re – emphasize what your parents and loved ones have tried and continuously trying to tell you- An Mule born with legs would have been better than you. You define organic waste.

Stay Metal \m/ and have a happy pill next time you have a hot flash dude. You sore loser / whiner and pathetic immigrant yourself.

P.S.S. – Just remember, you live on grounds taken for granted. If you are such a smart ass – Why dont you go to India and say this to the people?….or for that reason, any other ‘normal’ country? They’ll crusify you and burn you 10 times over and send you back to your ‘hole’ you once came from. I ‘ve seen it myself….

Ciao Kiddo.

17. Anonymous - 6, September 2010

Says the site is going to be closed. Good riddance I say.

18. Lalitaditya - 18, June 2011

Well the Arabs were a bunch of violent nomads until 6th century and then they gifted the world the violent ideology of radical Islam. And these scum who have no brains to produce anything useful and appropriated Persian and Indian creativity and innovation in the past today sit on lots of oil deposits and so much as dont even move their supposedly white butts to get anything done. The sooner the oil runs out and the wily Arabs knocked back to sense, the better!

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